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2015 Annual Pastor Appreciation Breakfast

The 7th annual Central Alabama Pastor Appreciation Breakfast was held in Birmingham at The Club on Thursday, October 8. Approximately 200 pastors and associates were in attendance to enjoy breakfast, fellowship, worship and inspiration. Scott Dawson, founder and president of … Continue reading

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12,000 Hear the Gospel at Faith & Family Night

Over the past few years SDEA has developed a wonderful relationship with Major League Baseball”s Kansas City Royals. We have been privileged to be part of the Royals annual community outreach called “Faith & Family Day”. This year, on Saturday, July 26, … Continue reading

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Leading Through ADVERSITY

Recently, we have been getting snapshots of what it looks like to lead through adversity. The Boston Marathon bombings, the fiscal cliff, the Newtown tragedy, and many more instances that range from unemployment, to sports franchises, and business and ministry … Continue reading

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What is servant-leadership?

Servant-leadership is a term that seems to be over-quoted and under-utilized.  However, this concept of servanthood equals leadership couldn’t be more accurate.  Why is it so easy to say and so hard to do?  What keeps us from leading this … Continue reading

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Tim Tebow… Faith? or Fame?

Tim Tebow- Why do people love him, is it because of his faith in Christ or his football career? What makes him a leader?   When I think of Tim Tebow, I think leader, someone who has the top qualities … Continue reading

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Where has all the leadership gone? VISION?

Welcome to the SDEA Leadership blog.  The SDEA leadership team will periodically discuss important biblical leadership principles that are applicable to what we face as a ministry organization and in life.  Please give us your input so that this tool … Continue reading

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What is Your Life Verse and Why?

The verse that has transformed and forever changed my life is Romans 6:23.

Romans 6:23, “ For the wages of sin is death but the gift from God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.”

One night during my discipleship class, I was asked a couple specific questions. However, only one of the two questions will forever stay glued to my heart. The first question was, “Scotty would you die for your girlfriend?” Without any hesitation, I said, “Of course I would. I love her.” Immediately after that I was asked “THE” question. This climatic question stated, “Scotty if someone put a gun to your head and asked you if you would die for Jesus, would you say yes?” I just sat there speechless, unable to answer the question. It scared me to death! I knew that had to change, and I needed to reevaluate my relationship with Jesus Christ… Continue reading

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What is the Most Rewarding Part of Being a Youth Pastor? And Why?

This is a question that we are not asked enough. As a youth pastor for 2 years, we all know there is so much energy that goes into pastoring students. I know for me, delivering a message or sermon and seeing the students faces and knowing they are connecting and “getting it”, is a feeling of satisfaction that lasts all week until the next service, seeing an event come together and those one on one times of discipleship go a long way as well. But that’s not the ultimate satisfaction of why we do what we do… Continue reading

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